Rhinoplasty surgery risks and complications

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Rhinoplasty surgery risks and complications

Rhinoplasty, also popularly known as nose job surgery, is a cosmetic procedure done in a rhinoplasty clinic to reshape and modify the nose. This could be to improve aesthetics, enhance function, or both.

There are many benefits to undergoing this procedure. For starters, anyone can do it as long as it is recommended and approved by professionals like Dr. Debraj Shome. Secondly, unlike other cosmetic procedures that need multiple sessions and regular touch-ups, rhinoplasty is a one-time procedure and provides long-term results.

However, even with the many benefits, there are also several disadvantages and potential drawbacks associated with the procedure. It’s important that you are well-informed about these disadvantages before making a decision:

Risks and complications

Any surgical procedure carries the risk of complications and rhinoplasty is not an exception. Some patients have reported experiencing infections, bleeding, and adverse reactions to anesthesia. More severe risks such as asymmetry, scarring, and unsatisfactory results have also been reported in some cases of rhinoplasty.

However, this is not always the case. In fact, these cases only happen rarely and are usually well-handled by professionals. The only way to minimize the risks of these complications is by working with a surgeon who is well-qualified and has a high level of experience in rhinoplasty.

Rhinoplasty surgery in Mumbai

Permanent changes

You must keep in mind that rhinoplasty is a permanent alteration of your nose’s structure, and the results are not easily reversed. Whether you are doing it to enhance your looks or improve functionality, you have to be cautious.

If it turns out that you don’t like the outcome or experience complications, revision surgery can be more complex. Discuss this with your doctor to be certain that you can achieve your desired results and set realistic expectations.

Swelling and bruising

Swelling and bruising around the nose and eyes are common side effects after rhinoplasty. This can be easily managed by cold compresses and medications and can take several weeks to subside.

Pain and discomfort are also part of the recovery process, and can be managed with prescribed pain medication. However, some people may find it challenging. If you are not well-prepared for the recovery period and downtime, some of these side effects can be inconvenient and affect your appearance during the initial recovery period.

Prolonged recovery

Rhinoplasty typically requires a significant recovery period. It may take several weeks for the swelling and bruising to diminish, and it can take even longer for the final results to become apparent.

This will however not completely interfere with your routine. After some days, you should be able to go back to school or work, as long as you are not engaging in strenuous activities. It also depends on the extent of the surgery.

Make sure to attend all your doctor’s appointments and always first consult with him before going back to work, school, or resuming any activities.

Rhinoplasty Surgery Cost totally depends upon the procedure and patient condition

Time commitment

Rhinoplasty requires a significant time commitment, not only for the surgery itself but also for pre-operative consultations, post-operative care, and recovery. This can disrupt your daily routine and require time off work or other commitments.

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