Why Ultherapy?

Ageing is inevitable but one can surely retard its presence and prominence. We have evolved from an era where man has to succumb to the ways of nature. Where night meant no light but candles, where tools were merely sticks and stones. We have evolved to what we are today, a next generation of mankind. Not only can we combat the natural circumstances but also natural effects. One such affect is ageing. So are you weary of signs of ageing? Is the skin loosening bothering you? Are you afraid of surgical beauty treatments? We have a magical solution for all your problems.

Ultherapy is a method that tightens skin with the application of ultrasound energy, without any kind of surgery or downtime. It includes generation of collagen that shoots or raises skin to take you years back and revive your youth.

 What exactly is Ultherapy?

Have you ever wanted to look young and fresh like the time you used to look in the past? Well, I guess there is no such person who would not want that, as it is our favourite fantasy ever. Well, it won’t be a fantasy anymore. Things that you always wanted can be a reality. Ultherapy is a non-surgical method of lifting skin on neck, under chin and eyebrows. It helps in lightening wrinkles and lines and helps retard ageing to keep you resplendent .The principle it operates on is use of ultrasound waves to stimulate deep skin cells to bring a reverse ageing process. The treatment is non-evasive and requires no sedation or anaesthetic.

How does this therapy works?

Ultherapy uses the non-surgical treatment of ultrasound to bring transformation to chest, brow and neck. It has been recognised as a safe method all round the globe. It uses the regenerative response of body to lift the peripheral area of brows, chin and neck. It places ultrasound energy beneath the skin and stimulates collagen regeneration at optimal temperature. It targets 4.5,3,1.5 mm depths. The deeper depth stimulates to tightening whereas the other one is for skin softening. It transmits energy to pre-determined skin depth to bring about a miraculous transformation. It is also used for getting a perfect and fairer tone, the way you always wanted it to be.

How long is an ultherapy session?

As this treatment procedure is non-surgical, it depends on the area that is being treated. Usually the therapy is not that time consuming but it is undoubtedly very effective. If we say that the therapy targets a decent brow, face as well as neck therapy and demands clearing the skin tone, the session is going to take normally 60-90 minutes. Although the time is just an approximate of how much time it is going to take, it mostly depends directly on the surface area that needs to be taken care. The facial area needs almost an hour but the chest therapy usually takes around half an hour for getting a complete session of treatment.

How long do the Ultherapy results last?

People are generally very fond of the Ultherapy treatment session not only because it provides effective results but also because the results last long. Presence of collagen is observed in patients even after a year of getting the treatment. Usually after a year, the effects start fading away but that’s not a problem. As the skin starts ageing and you need to tighten it again, all you need will be a touch-up session or a re-treatment session that can seize the youth for you once again.

Any precautions that you need to take after ultherapy?

The most prodigious part of getting ultherapy is there is no down time. After you get the treatment of Ultherapy, you can get going with your normal schedule and get back to your normal life. Although in some cases, minor swelling and bruises might appear but it is not that frightening. If it surfaces, you just need to soothe your skin. It is very low maintenance and non-disturbing as it is a non-surgical process. The symptoms are not that conspicuous so you can carry on with the daily skin care regime instantly after you take the treatment. If you are into any kind of heavy physical activity, it is suggested to stop those sessions for a while after the treatment as it may affect the treatment results.

Best consultation

One of the essentials of such a treatment is the doctor treating you. It requires intricate details and good consultation. Dr Drebraj Shome is one of the best doctors of cosmetic surgery who is effective at skin treatments and is recognised in the entire country. His good work has been marvelled and applauded by both health department and patients. If you want to seize your youth and are willing to feel years younger, you need to wait no more as he is always happy to help. You can hit the link to connect with the magic wand of Dr Drebraj Shome: www.drebrajshome.com

About Dr. Debraj Shome

Dr. Debraj Shome- Facial Plastic Surgeon in Mumbai, India

Dr. Debraj Shome – Founder, The Esthetic Clinics, is a top facial plastic surgeon. Dr. Shome is currently a Consultant at the best Mumbai hospitals like Saifee Hospital, Breach Candy Hospital, Nanavati Hospital & Apollo Spectra Hospital in Mumbai, India. He has 40+ research papers in the best international journals, numerous presentations at conferences & many awards such as “Best Plastic Surgeon in Mumbai”, “Best Plastic Surgeon in India”, Best Cosmetic Surgeon in India”, “Best Cosmetic Surgeon in Mumbai”, “Breakthrough Innovator in Facial Plastic Surgery” etc. A celebrity plastic surgeon, Dr. Shome believes plastic, reconstructive & cosmetic face surgery can allow you to lead a more fulfilled life….Read more

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