In the last few decades, all medical specialties are progressively becoming less and less invasive. Now, medical procedures involve a lot of use of a combination of endoscopic and fiber optic technology. Endoscopic procedures are used widely in facial plastic surgeries for performing correcting lower face, mid face and for brow lifts as well.

What is a brow lift?

A brow lift procedure is also known as browplasty and as the name suggests, it is performed for lifting and tightening of the eyebrows. However, a brow lift procedure not only corrects and repositions the eyebrows; it also restores the youthful appearance of the forehead skin and the upper eyelids. As we age, instead of extending laterally the eyebrows tend to droop and fall down.

When can a patient opt for a brow lift procedure?

A patient can opt for a brow lift procedure if one or more of the following conditions are observed:-

  • If the eyebrows start to fall or look flat instead of going up on the forehead.
  • If there is excess fat on the eyelids.
  • If there are horizontal wrinkles on the forehead.
  • If there are lines between the eyebrows.

Endoscopic brow lift is one of the safest and minimally invasive brow lift procedure. The procedure involves minor incisions on the skin through which an endoscope is inserted under the skin. An endoscope is a device which has a camera at one end and it is almost thin like a pencil. Generally the incisions are made behind the hairline and the endoscope is inserted through these incisions. This gives the surgeon a clear image of the muscles and the tissues under the skin. As the endoscope is inside the sin, another surgical device is inserted to reposition the muscles to achieve the desired outcome of the brow lift procedure. Generally the incisions for an endoscopic brow lift are made on the scalp and additional incisions may be done on the temples. The incisions are very small in size. The endoscopic bro lift procedure is ideal in moderate eyebrow sagging cases. It lifts the eyebrows, reduces the intensity of the forehead lines and also removes the excess fatty tissues that may accumulate over the eyelids.

Conventionally the brow lift procedure was performed by a method known as open brow lift procedure. In this procedure, the incision is made behind the hairline which extends from the ears to the crown of the head. This incision is sutured afterwards. Due to difference in the size of the incisions, patients undergoing brow lift by the open method tend to feel residual numbness in the scalp. Patients who undergo brow lift endoscopically can resume their normal activities shortly after the procedure is done.

The incisions made for endoscopic brow lift are very small incisions which look more like puncture marks on the skin. The procedure does not take very long and is generally performed within one to two hours. The patient is generally sedated and under the influence of local anesthesia may experience mild discomfort. The endoscopic brow lift procedure is not a very painful procedure. A patient may experience discomfort post the surgery and some residual swelling may be present around the incisions. The patient may be advised to keep the head in an elevated position by the doctor and not do any sudden movements of the neck and head. Temporary numbness around the incisions is also common though it may begin to subside a few hours after the procedure. The stitches or staples of the incisions will be removed after a week in most cases. The patients are advised to refrain from extreme physical activities for a fortnight to eliminate the chances of rupturing of incisions.

Endoscopic brow lift can be performed very safely. But there are some minor risks associated with this procedure as well. Therefore to reduce the chances of any infection after the surgery and to reduce the chances of complication during the surgery it is important to follow the instructions of the cosmetic or plastic surgeon that you are consulting. Smoking and drinking should be completely stopped two weeks before the surgery. It is important to communicate with your plastic surgeon openly about various things and questions pertaining to the surgery. A patient needs to have realistic goals as far as the outcome of the surgery is concerned.

The scars left by endoscopic brow lift are generally concealed behind the hairline therefore nothing is visible on the face except the desired results of the surgery. Sometimes the endoscopic brow lift may be performed in conjunction with other cosmetic procedures such as blepharoplasty in 2hich case same incisions can be used for the procedure.

Depending upon the expectation of the patient and his/ her bone structure, the outcome of the endoscopic brow lift may vary.

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