Eyebrows lose their shape and their natural structure owing to ageing. As a person grows older, the brows tend to become droopy which ruins the youthful appearance of a person. Typically eyebrows on a young person possess a natural arch which gives the face a lifted look. Droopy eyebrows can also lead to the problem of droopy eyelids. A brow lift which is medically known as ‘browplasty’ can be done to lift the brows to make the person look younger. Brow lift surgery can be done by various methods. Depending upon the approach that is used, it can be direct, indirect, pretrichial or endoscopic brow lift. Which procedure is chosen for a particular patient completely depends upon the final needs of the patient, as the outcome is different with each approach.

Which conditions can a brow lift procedure address?

  • Sagging eyebrows
  • Wrinkles across mid- forehead
  • Fat above the eyes which makes the upper eyelids look droopy
  • Lines between the eyebrows

Who can be a good candidate for a direct brow lift?

Direct brow lift is generally carried out in men who have thick eyebrows. It can be used to address asymmetry of the brows and can be done to completely lift both the brows. It is preferred approach in bald patients. Excessive droopiness of the eyes can also obstruct the vision causing fatigue of the forehead and the eye muscles. Direct brow lift can cure ocular fatigue. Patients who tend to use dark makeup like eyebrow pencils can also undergo direct brow lift as it can help in concealing the scars.

What is direct brow lift?

Direct brow lift can be considered to be one of the simplest approaches in the brow lift procedure. This approach is considered to be quite straightforward and the cosmetic surgeon has a good control over the lift that can be achieved by the amount of tissue that can be removed and therefore the final contour of the brow. But in direct brow lift the resultant scar may be more visible as compared to other approaches. It is typically done on patients who have a very pulled back and high hairline and have some baldness which would mean a visible scar in case a coronal lift is done. One of the biggest advantages of a direct brow lift procedure is that the surgeon can control the final results in terms of contour and lift. But a disadvantage of a direct brow lift is it can result in a big scar. The incision generally is made just above the brows. Direct brow lift is generally preferred for male patients. It is also done on patients who, for some reasons cannot undergo more modern methods of brow lifts. Though good results are achieved as far as brow lift is concerned direct brow lift does not do anything to the hair line. As there is good control which can be exercised excessive amount of tissues need not to be removed.

What to expect from a direct brow lift surgery?

 Generally brow lift is done on an ‘out- patient’ basis. So a few hours after the procedure, the patient can go home. The patient is mildly sedated and the area around the eyebrows is numbed by local anesthesia. The surgery involves the removal of longitudinal portion of tissue that runs along the length of the eyebrows which is done by removing the skin and the tissues under the skin. This procedure is not normally done for cosmetic reasons as the scar is not completely camouflaged. But surgeons ensure to conceal the scar as much as possible. It is important for the patient to know that there will definitely be a residual scar therefore if a person is concerned about cosmetic aspect of a brow lift procedure, other approaches should be considered. If a person has forehead line and some existing wrinkles the scar may not eventually be very visible. If the procedure is combined with surgery of the upper eyelids great medical results can be achieved.

What to expect after a direct brow lift?

Although there is some post- operative numbness generally there is no major pain in recovery. Minor discomfort is expected in all patients which alleviates after a few days. To keep the suture free from any infections, the cosmetic surgeon will advise antibiotic ointment to be topically applied to the sutures. This will keep infections at bay and promote healing of the wound. Bruising around the orbital area is common but that also should subside within a few days. Patients are advised to relax and indulge in any activity that may cause the sutures to break. Patients who have special concerns should communicate openly with their cosmetic surgeon and any doubts should be clarified before the surgery itself.

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