If the features of a person’s face are not in proper symmetry or are not proportionate to each other, the face may not look beautiful. A beautiful face is considered to be the one which not only has the proportionate features but in which the individual aspects of the face complement each other as a whole.

Although, how a person looks is largely governed by his/ her genetic makeup, today it is possible to look the way a person wants to. Everyone on this planet can achieve the looks and beauty of their dreams. People who suffer trauma or are born with birth defects no longer have to live with the deformities and can look as beautiful as they want to.

What is Foreheadplasty?

For people who have disproportionately large foreheads or who have hairlines which are too pulled back, forehead plasty can be the answer.  In both the cases, the forehead becomes the focal point of the face, but for the wrong reasons. If a person has a large forehead, other people tend to notice the forehead first. Foreheadplasty is the procedure by which the forehead can be redefined to fit in to proper proportions and the hairline can also be pulled down. There are two most common procedures which are used typically these days. Surgeons either use one of them or a combination of both. The first surgical involves bringing down the hairline by removing a portion of the forehead skin. The second procedure decreases the width of the forehead by using the technique of grafting hair ahead of the natural hairline which is too pulled back.

A piece of skin is removed lengthwise from in front of the hairline in forehead plasty. The incision is concealed behind the hairline. The scar becomes nearly invisible as the hair continues to grow. With passage of time, the hairline becomes lower. The surgery for this procedure is fairly simple and the scars heal gradually with time.

More often than not, people confuse hair grafting and Foreheadplasty to be the same procedure. Although both the procedures lead to the same result i.e. lowering of the hairline, Foreheadplasty has no implications on the location or position of the eyebrows.

Women with broad foreheads but with normal quantity of hair can choose Foreheadplasty. In females this problem may worsen with age as the hairline gets more pulled back with time and the forehead becomes broader. Since with age the elasticity of the skin reduces, this procedure may have to be performed in conjunction with other procedures for it to be completely effective and fruitful. In cases where the skin has lost its elasticity a tissue expander is placed under the hairline to reduce the size of the forehead. This procedure is mostly suitable for the cases where the lowering which is needed is more than 7- 8 cms. The procedure is mostly suitable for patients with thick hair but who have large foreheads. To achieve more natural results, Foreheadplasty is done in conjunction with hair grafting. Foreheadplasty alone can give very unnatural and squarish looking results because Foreheadplasty does not do anything to the hair around the temples.

Endoscopic technique for Foreheadplasty is the most advanced techniques for this procedure. This procedure can effectively treat drooping eyebrows known as brow ptosis, can also remove frown lines along with effectively reducing the size of the forehead. Endoscopic forehead lift can be used for lifting not only the forehead but also the eyebrows. The endoscopic technique involves insertion of thin tubes which are the size of a pencil in to the incisions which are made in the face of the patient. One endoscope acts as a visual aid by displaying the images on the monitor while the other acts as the surgeons hand because it has surgical tools attached to it. Prior to the surgery the surgeon would explain the procedure and also hear the concerns and expectations of the patient regarding the procedure. Endoscopic procedures have an edge over traditional techniques due to various reasons. Not only the time taken in endoscopic surgery is very less as compared to a traditional surgery but also the size of the incisions made is very tiny as the endoscopes are very small in size. Since the incisions are made really close to the hair line they are camouflaged better. Since the incisions are hardly 2-3 cms in length and are shallow they take very less time to heal.

The appearance of the scar is a tell tale sign of the proficiency of the surgeon therefore only a highly skilled surgeon should perform the surgery at a reputed facility. The appearance of the scar depends on the skin tone of the patient. The scars are more prominent in people with darker complexion whereas in people with, lighter complexion the scars are better hidden.


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