Care And Cure During Socket Surgery

A prosthetic eye can help in making for a pleasing appearance of people who have lost their eye to a deadly accident or a disease. It is also called fake eye; Is oval in shape and the whitish outer part is made to match with the white color of the other eye and the central part is painted to give the appearance of the iris and the pupil, like the other eye. Implantation of the fake eye is suggested after the eye is surgically detached because of damage or disease.

Some of the reasons why an eye may be removed are:

  • Injury
  • Infection
  • Tumor/s inside the eye

Types of Eye Removal Surgeries:

There are two types of surgical operations that can be used to remove the damaged eye. The type of surgery affects the selection of the prosthetic eye.

Evisceration: In this procedure, the jelly like inside of the eye is sanctioned out. This is carried out by an incision in front of the eye, but the procedure preserves the tissues.

Enucleation: In this process, the complete eye is cut away and taken out from the socket of the eye. The doctor decides the method to use, which is completely based on the kind of eye condition that you have and the degree of damage to the eye.

Why Is a Prosthetic Eye Used?

A prosthetic eye’s basic utility is to enhance the appearance of the affected eye socket. For most people, it is an immensely preferable option to wear an eye patch or a bandage but that obviously is not soothing to the eye. If the complete eye is detached, an ocular implant and prosthesis inhibit the tissues in the eye socket from growing to fill the empty space.

A prosthetic eye cannot restore vision. After removal of the natural eye and placement of a prosthetic eye, a person will have no vision in that eye. These days a prosthetic eye is usually made of hard and plastic acrylic. The prosthetic eye is shaped like a shell.

The prosthetic eye fits properly on the ocular implant. The ocular implant is a separate hard and rounded device, which is permanently fixed into the eye socket with the help of surgery. The ocular implant is then covered with the living tissue before it is placed.

What to expect in Socket Surgery?

After the surgery to remove the main eye is completed, the ball shaped eye is implanted and the removable prosthesis is developed to fit over it. Removing the eye that was damaged is actually done by the help of local anesthesia. Medications are given through veins to cut the pain and anxiety as general anesthesia is not essential but taken only as an option.

Oral antibiotics are required to be taken for several days after the prosthetic surgery is completed. Antibiotic eye drops are also given for few days but the eye socket is usually covered and it usually takes months to heal properly. The eye socket can display changes in shape after the surgery is done. The fitting and adjustment of the prosthesis after the surgery is carried out that can take weeks and even months to get fixed after the placement is done initially.

Even though the surgery is just a minor one but the main problem is adjusting your life with the prosthetic eye. It is a very challenging and emotional thing to do. After the surgery is done, counseling and support group sessions are done that can help people in getting through such kind of problematic and disturbing conditions.

Types of Prosthesis

The prosthesis of a person needs to be designed as well as assembled as per the needs of the patient. For example, the patient may require a Trans-radial prosthesis but they need to make a choice between the aesthetic functional device, body-powered device, myoelectric device or an activity specific device. The objective of the person and his economic conditions plays a role in deciding the type of prosthesis he wants to choose.


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