Treatments offered by maxillofacial surgeon in Mumbai

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Treatments offered by maxillofacial surgeon in Mumbai

Facial bone has a very complex bone structure. Actually a facial injury or facial fracture which is a break in one or more bones anywhere on the face. The entire facial skeletal framework comprises of frontal bone (forehead), orbital bone (eye socket), zygomas (cheekbones), nasal bone, both maxillary bone (upper jaw) and mandible bone (lower jaw). Facial fracture is caused by severe traffic accidents, sporting injuries, and sometimes due to physical attack in the face and thus results in massive damage to the facial bone and nearby tissues.

  1. Symptoms of facial fracture – Any high-impact accidents can also leads to multiple fractures and it may be either unilateral (or) bilateral damage. Sufferers of eye socket fracture has specific symptoms such as bulging eyeballs , visual problem like double vision, difficulty in eye movements, numbness near the injury spot. Usually deformation in the face area, chronic respiratory problems, trouble in swallowing & other jaw movements and damaged eye sight are few of the complications of the facial fractures.
  1. Investigation through X-ray and CT – Oral and maxillofacial surgeon in Mumbai will do a thorough physical investigation and get to know the patient’s condition through X-ray and computed tomography (CT) for better understanding for the problem. X-ray would really help the surgeon to see the broken facial bones. Computer Tomography (CT) is widely suggested for better visualisation of the fracture and the impact. In case if any soft tissue injury or blood accumulation it can be easily viewed by the CT results.
  1. Treatments offered by maxillofacial surgeon – Before maxillofacial surgery patients have to be aware of the surgery procedures and about surgeons. Maxillofacial injury repair can be carried out only by a super-specialized and board certified maxillofaciary surgeons. Debraj Shome is one such highly-experienced and renowned maxillofacial surgeon in Mumbai, who guarantees to provide a world-class treatment to the recipients from diverse locations. Facial fractures can be treated by open reduction and internal fixation (ORIF) surgery and reconstructive surgery in order to restore the facial bone structure and sort out other complications. Open reduction and internal fixation (ORIF) is the surgical procedure which is carried out by fixing the metal plates, screws and additionally the bones are wired into the damaged places. Reconstructive surgery is yet another method to restore the facial bone structure with reconstructive materials such as bone grafts, skin flaps etc in order to provide the structural support. Maxillofacial surgeon in Mumbai will replace the broken facial bones with bone graft which is nothing but the healthy bone taken from other part of the body or from a donor.

Facial fractures needs immediate medical attention within the hours or days from the accident to gain much better result and could also restore the function and appeal of the damaged parts. Recipients can get to know more about world-class maxillofacial surgeon and treatments by visiting since it offers wide range of services for many problems and ensures to provide best results.

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