Need a nose-reshaping surgery? Get treated by rhinoplasty surgeon in India.

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Need a nose-reshaping surgery? Get treated by rhinoplasty surgeon in India.

One of the most prominent features in the face, nose adds to the appeal and charm of the face, in addition to functionality. A lovely beautiful nose is the dream of the young and old alike, with many finding great happiness going under the scalpel. Nose surgery in Mumbai helps to boost self-confidence through better appearance.

The two nostrils and nasal septum in the middle comprise are the functional pathways in the nose. Some of the common issues that require corrective surgery are:  oversized nose, puny nose, crooked, bent or deviated nasal septum that creates breathing problems in breathing. Some of the odd features that require corrective surgery are bumps on the bridge of the nose, or nose tips that are too big or too small, asymmetrical nostrils, etc. Rhinoplasty helps in correcting both anatomical and perceived defects of the nose. It helps to improve the appearance and functionality of the nose.

Rhinoplasty in Mumbai

An highly acclaimed and renowned rhinoplasty surgeon India offers to the world performs hundreds of procedures every year. Providing the best patient care and ensuring that patients receive a natural look, rhinoplasty surgeons have earned appreciation from patients who fly in from global destinations. Procedures such as primary or secondary corrections and non-surgical techniques including fillers are conducted regularly.

Rhinoplasty surgery in India

The procedure involves a small cut or incision which is invisible externally lifting the skin of the nostrils. The cartilage and bone of the nose are exposed, and the corrective procedure is performed so as to lend a well-defined shape to the nose.  The minimum time is around an hour to a few hours depending on the requirements and the ensuing procedures. Nasal septum deviation produces crooked nose and difficulty in breathing. Septal correction is carried out for such patients. Procedures are performed in fully equipped state of art operating facilities with skilled board certified anesthesiologist and supporting health care professionals.

Patient selection for Rhinoplasty

Healthy physically and psychologically fit individuals are the best candidates to undergo nose procedures. Most individuals desire normal natural looking noses that are well-defined and fitting into faces. It is better to initiate a healthy lifestyle before and after the procedure, like abstaining from smoking and alcohol. Routine exercises, good balanced dietary habits and proper control of long-term disorders such as high sugar, high blood pressure and high cholesterol are advised to patients undergoing procedures.

Being physically fit helps in reducing complications like bleeding during surgery. It helps in fast healing of the wounds after surgery. Being psychologically fit helps in accepting the results of the surgery. Rhinoplasty restores lost confidence, improves self-esteem, and helps individuals to involve in social situations better.  The best rhinoplasty surgeons understand the impact of appearance in daily life and the functionality of the nose.  Fulfilling all the needs of individuals who opt for rhinoplasty either out of a need for better looks or improved functions, one of the best rhinoplasty surgeon in India has brought smiles back in faces.


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