Learn about the latest innovations for Cosmetic Surgery in India

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Learn about the latest innovations for Cosmetic Surgery in India

Cosmetic surgery in India has witnessed a shift from a hesitant society to a more demanding society looking for results at par with global standards.  Some of the best cosmetic surgeons in India have time and again showcased to the world stunning results in cosmetic surgery. This has been possible through innovations and adoption of cutting edge practices used in the best centres worldwide. For instance, the best cosmetic surgeon in Mumbai has managed to reconstruct a nose from rib cartilage which is a first in India. Here are a few snippets of information regarding the very latest in cosmetic surgery India has to offer.

Cosmetic implantation for contouring of face

The best cosmetic surgery clinic in Mumbai, recently announced the successful cosmetic implantation for the contouring of a face. This involved the use of lateral mandibular implants to strengthen and give shape to the lower jaw. The successful surgery lent an international model a fresh lease of life with a perfectly contoured face.

Celebrity rhinoplasty surgery

Celebrities generally used to fly abroad for rhinoplasty. However, as the best cosmetic surgeons in India have consistently performed surgeries on international patients, celebrities from India have begun to look at the best cosmetic surgeon in Mumbai for advanced surgery. Celebrities owe their fame to their looks in addition to their acting talents. Rhinoplasty surgery has been performed on Indian celebrities to enhance appearance and offer structurally stronger noses. Sculpting noses is a super specialist job, which can mar and bar a celebrity from the limelight, if handled improperly.

Cutting edge research on nano-molecule drug delivery

One of the best cosmetic surgeons in India had spearheaded the development of nano-molecule for enhanced drug delivery. The industry and the government have applauded the role of industry and the specialists in putting together a revolutionary drug delivery molecule. Such research has helped in bringing quicker and effective medical intervention to the patients. Many of the acclaimed surgeons have also authored peer reviewed publications that have helped the industry to look at innovative ways of treatment.


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