Learn about the affordable treatments offered by best plastic surgeon in Mumbai

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Learn about the affordable treatments offered by best plastic surgeon in Mumbai

Cosmetic surgery has become a popular procedure globally due to the stunning advances in surgical procedures. Standards in India are at par with global standards.   Certain procedures performed by plastic surgeons in Mumbai,   produce better results at rates that are affordable.  Many world renowned plastic surgeons operate out of Mumbai, India offering treatments involving cutting edge technology and highly advanced cosmetic procedures.

Mumbai boasts of many state of the art facilities that specialise in plastic, cosmetic surgery. These facilities are well equipped and manned by board certified, trained and experienced personnel.  Here is a look at the affordable procedures

Brow lifts by best cosmetic surgeon in Mumbai for than enhanced appearance

Beauty is not just in the eyes of the beholder, it is also in the eyes of the one beheld.  Eyes appear attractive in combination with the brows.  At times, due to age or genetic reasons, eye brows tend to sag and rob the eyes of their mesmeric beauty. Brow lifts performed by specialist surgeons bring life back to the eyes with a youthful and captivating look.  Endoscopic brow lifts are the most popular among surgeons, doing away with the need to live with scars across the forehead. Small incisions, either within the hairline or on the insides of eyebrows are used to lift sagging brows.

Removal of scars

Scars can mar the beauty of the face with unsightly streaked raised lines formed either out of accidents or due to disorders. Advanced procedures exist in Mumbai for removal of scars. Skin graft for burn injuries.  Scar revision surgery is performed to not just remove the scars, but to also improve elasticity of the area. Reduced elasticity will lead to impaired functioning. Scar removal surgery is performed through either ‘z plasty’ or ‘w plasty’. The former involves the positioning of triangular grafts opposite to other triangular grafts.

A range of procedures to meet specific requirements

A whole range of procedures are available in every reputed plastic surgery hospital in Mumbai to meet the specific requirements of individuals. Breast augmentation/reduction/lifts/implants, gynecomastia removal – male breast tissue removal, chest muscle augmentation for men, chest wall countering for men etc. are some of the specialised procedures.  The amazing results of cosmetic surgery India offers the world have earned appreciation from the international community, bringing in a large number of overseas clients.


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