Many people seem to have something oddly remarkable about their face which almost makes them look like a Greek god or goddess. If you try to observe a little more closely, probably you may not be able to figure out what exactly that is which makes them so attractive to other people. But we can tell you about that one feature which makes few people appear to be so mesmerizing. That is a strong jaw line. A strong and well- defined jaw line is often considered to be a sign of masculinity in males and assertive elegance in females. A good jaw line can really balance put the lower third of the face and make the face look very appealing overall. Jaw implants are done to generally augment the jaw line by making it more widen and sculpted. It gives the face a sharper look. The difference between a sharp and a weak jaw line is that a well- defined jaw line is more angles and contoured whereas a weak jaw line will seem to blend in with the neck and appears to go downward.

Though people who are blessed with a great jaw line may enjoy their look even in their 40s, however as we age the bones tend to lose their structure progressively but slowly. The height and the length of the jaw changes with growing age which affects the whole face consequently. If you are one of those people who had a great jaw line which seems to have lost its contour with time or you are one those who wants to get a new sculpted jaw line, then jaw augmentation by jaw implants could be the procedure that you are looking for.

Another name for jaw implants is gonial implants. Gonial angle is the angle made by the jaws and therefore the name for the implants.

Who can opt for jaw implants?

Before you can opt for jaw implants is it very important that your jaws and teeth are in good working condition. Having a weak jaw line in a case where rest of the teeth and jaw function normally can make the person achieve that strong look with the help of jaw implants. A person should be in overall good health before undergoing any mandibular or jaw implants.

Jaw augmentation by fillers and implants

Jaw augmentation with the help of jaw implants requires surgical intervention. It is more invasive as compared to the procedure for jaw fillers. The implant is inserted via an incision which is made inside the mouth and is put on the current bone structure. This add dimension to the jaw line.

The implants may be made of silicone. Once the implant is place it is then adjusted according to the jaw line and the contour. To ensure that the implant stays in place, it is fixed with the help of titanium screws. The same procedure is done on both the sides of the jaw. To ensure that no salvia enters the wounds as they are healing, the incisions are stitched in layers.

Jaw implants give longer lasting results as compared to jaw fillers.

Jaw implants and chin implants are two different things. But sometimes jaw implantation and chin implantation can be done together to achieve that perfect look.

What to expect from a jaw implant procedure?

Jaw augmentation or reshaping surgery may be done in isolation or in combination with other facial plastic procedures such as cheek implants, chin implants etc. Before the surgery, your cosmetic surgeon will discuss with you about the right size of the implants and your expectations from the procedure. Generally the procedure may be carried on an out- patient basis and the patient is sedated and is not fully unconscious. But your surgeon will tell you about all the anesthesia options before the surgery only. The procedure does not more than two hours if only jaw implants are being placed. If other procedures are being performed along with jaw augmentation it may take longer.

Post- operative scenario

The incision site will be covered in bandage to aid in healing and to avoid infection for a 7- 10 days. The patient will be asked to rest the jaw as much as possible. The stitches are soluble and may take a fortnight to dissolve completely. There could be some post- operative numbness in the lips which subsides within a day. To ensure that the jaw implant stays in place and does not move, the patient is advised to not indulge in any strenuous activity and any contact sport. In very rare cases, the implant may get infected in which case the surgeon will have to do another surgery. Some swelling and soreness in the jaw area is fairly common which should become progressively better and should completely heal in about 20 days.

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