Each and every part of our face uniquely contributes to the aesthetics of the face. The proportion of all the features of the face in respect to each other and in respect to the face in whole is what makes a face beautiful and attractive. However, many people face issues with one feature of the face or another. A large number of people often find their face to be beautiful when looked at from the front, but to them something appears to be missing from the side profile of the face or the fluidity of the neck with the face. This may happen due to the weak proportions of the chin. Fortunately, today restoring the proportions of the chin is relatively easy. This has been made possible by the use of chin implants in the plastic surgery. Chin can be augmented to make it look sharper and enhance the face and it can be reduced as well to lessen the prominence of the jaw line in the profile.

Chin implants can be crucial in more ways than one. They can optimize the balance between various facial features. If the contours of the chin are weak it can make the nose appear unusually big. Chin implants can be used for the enlargement of the chin so that every feature of the face plays its part cordially with each other.

Chin implants surgeries are not as popular as other surgeries; however, sometimes chin implants can be a game- changing procedure for a person who wishes to look perfect. Chin implants can be useful for both the shape as well as the size of the chin.

Who can go for chin implants?

Chin implant surgery can be opted for by people who have a prominent nose, abruptly pointy chin, elongated or squared chin or who have thick or fleshy neck. Chin implants can better define the jaw and restore the balance in the facial features. Quite often, chin implants are done in conjunction with other procedures as well. They are done along with rhinoplasty and lip augmentation.

Candidates who want to go for chin implants should have realistic expectations from the chin implants procedure. Like every surgical procedure, chin implants also have their own set of limitations. The patient should not be suffering from hypertension, recent history of heart diseases and should generally be in good health.

How do the chin implants look like?

Chin implants may be modified by the cosmetic surgeon to achieve customized results. However, the end results of a chin implantation surgery also depend on the material that is used for the implants. A good cosmetic job on chin implants would provide seamless looking and sharp jaw line. With the use of various softwares, now cosmetic surgeons can demonstrate to a chin implant candidate, what can be the outcome of the surgery. Though one very important thing to remember is that softwares do not predict the results accurately. They give a fair idea about what to expect from the surgery.

Chin augmentation by chin implants

People, who do not have a well defined chin, can benefit hugely form chin augmentation procedure which is done by chin implants. The bone under the teeth can be enhanced using chin implants. The implants are placed at this location under the skin and the chin can be defined more with the help of the chin implants.

Things to know about the chin implantation procedure:-

  • The chin implantation procedure is a lunch time or an out- patient procedure and therefore it only take 45 minutes to an hour and a half for the completion of the procedure.
  • The patient may be treated under local or general anesthesia.
  • The incisions can be made either inside the mouth or under the chin. The incisions which are made inside the mouth leave no visible scar. Through these incisions the implants can be inserted in the desired position. The position of the implants is adjusted as per the desired outcome to achieve the balance amongst the facial features. The chin implant is held in its place with the help of sutures which are soluble and take about 10 days to heal.

Complications associated with chin implantation surgery:-

Chin implants surgery is quite safe but in rare cases it presents its own set of complications. After the procedure, regular amounts of bruising and swelling are normal. They can take about a month to completely subside. Improperly sutures implants can move from its place under the skin. This procedural lapse may call for a second surgery. There are chances of infection that may occur due to lack of proper post- operative care. Sometimes numbness after the surgery may persist for longer than normal duration. This may happen due to the use of anesthesia. If any abnormality is noticed after the procedure the cosmetic surgeon should be consulted immediately.

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