What You Should Know about Rhinoplasty surgery in India.

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What You Should Know about Rhinoplasty surgery in India.

Since ancient times, the build of the nose has always had a significant value to judge a person’s appearance. Centuries down the line, that craze has not faded away. Nose is the most important body part that uplifts the entire facial appearance. Unfortunately due to accidents or birth disorders, people end up with a deformed or socially unacceptable nose shape.

Here’s where Rhinoplasty or nose correction surgeries come into the picture to help rectify such issues. Mumbai is an excellent place to get a Rhinoplasty with numerous advancements in this field. Here are a few things about Rhinoplasty in Mumbai, India.

#1 – Aesthetic and medical purposes

Individuals with structural fault in the nose can undergo Rhinoplasty to fix issues from impaired nasal functionalities to reconstructing facial trauma. Motor accidents can lead to severe damage not only in shape but also in functionalities such as difficulty in breathing and poor sinus drainage. Expert Rhinoplasty surgeons in Mumbai offer a wide range of procedures such as

  • Dorsal hump removal – Getting rid of extra bone or cartilage,
  • Crooked nose treatment – Fixing the nasal structure to make the breathing easier
  • Complex nose reconstruction– Replacement of nasal tissue with substitute tissue like graft or skin flaps.

# 2 – Restrictions and costs involved in rhinoplasty

Rhinoplasty can be performed on an individual only once the nose is completely developed. So it is restricted to be performed on individuals under the age of 15 as the nose fully develops only after this age.

Rhinoplasty in Mumbai is quite affordable compared other western cities. In India, the average cost of Rhinoplasty is based at $1500 (approximately Rs.95,000). Whereas in the western countries, the average cost of Rhinoplasty is $ 5000 (approx. Rs.3,00,000).

Mumbai is host to some of the best Rhinoplasty surgeons in the country.

# 3 – Types of Rhinoplasty

Based on the issue in the patient, the surgeon will perform either an open or a closed Rhinoplasty procedure. In case of closed procedure, the surgeon will make the incision inside the nostril meanwhile for open procedure the incision is done across the columella, the tissue that disconnects the nostrils.

Through the incision, the deformed nose structure is sculpted to the desired shape and then the nasal skin and tissue is re-draped in order to close the incision. During recovery time the recipients have to continue with splints and gauze packing that helps in swift healing.

Mumbai is home to some of the renowned Rhinoplasty surgeons in the country. India is one of the most preferred destinations for Rhinoplasty in the western countries due to the cost and due to the presence of top-tier standard medical facilities that assures high quality treatment.

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