Enhancing Youthful Beauty with Botox Treatment in India

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Enhancing Youthful Beauty with Botox Treatment in India

The treatment which allows controlling the reflection of the age by decreasing the wrinkle and frown lines from the face, which gives the face a youthful look is called a Botox treatment. This treatment is used in cosmetic and medical arena. It is a fast and non-persistent procedure which gives us a witness how wrinkles are removed from the face in one or two days making a face look younger and beautiful. It is a perfect alternative to the non-surgical method and also very useful for the person suffering from the migraine pain.

Uses of the Botox treatment

  • Muscle spasticity:

The unusual tightness in the muscle that causes to distort the movement of the skeletal muscle performance with paralysis is called spasticity. The Botox is used to relax the extreme tightening of the muscle.

  • Cosmetics:

The Botox treatment is considered as the safest and the effective procedure for reducing the face wrinkle. The injection toxin relaxes the muscle that witnesses in the smoothness of skin and removal of the wrinkle. This treatment shows the result in one or two day and durable four to five month.

The reason for the popularity of the Botox treatment

There are many reasons due to which the Botox Treatment is popular around the world.

  • No use of anesthetic

In Botox treatment, the patient feels a small stab of the needle that ejaculates the toxin in the skin and relaxes the muscle. This procedure only requires the attention near the lips and eyes. The result of this treatment is visible in few days; it takes only 72 hours that gives the people’s skin a new life.

The Botox is a non-surgical treatment that refreshes the skin of the people.

  • It is not-permanent

The Botox treatment is not a permanent treatment. Some of the people undergo this treatment to attend some important event. Despite the treatment, the skin of the patient would gain its originality in no less than three or four months. People can wear makeup normally after the Botox treatment.

  • Cost and expense

If we compare the cost of the Botox treatment as compared to other cosmetic surgeries and other surgical treatments it is less expensive.

  • Side effect

The Botox treatment got the license throughout the worldwide in 1984. There is no harsh side effect of the Botox toxin. Its minor side effects are the pain, redness and bumpiness on the skin that lasts only for a few hours. In some rare cases, a blue mark develops on the skin which fades itself in few weeks.

Aftercare of Botox treatment.

Most commonly it is advised that the patient should not lay flat and should not rub the treated area for 3-4 hours, so that the toxin does not diffuse into the adjacent areas of the skin causing side effects.

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